• The Kingdom of Remedy: A Fable

    Video Production

Leveraging Creativity for Community Health

Through a special grant from the CDC Foundation, students in WMCAT’s Teen Arts + Tech Program advanced video production studio created a film that encouraged peers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Leaning into the creative opportunity to pass on a message to kids, the student-written film—The Kingdom of Remedy: A Fable—was set in a fantasy kingdom and followed a puppet princess as she encountered the evil wizard “Coronus.”

This opportunity allowed students to elevate their voice on an important issue for our community and connected them to professionals from local film production company Gorilla.




Each member of the production team played an important role in creating the film, with a common goal of encouraging their peers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. They gained technical and creative skills, as well as teamwork and communication skills.

WMCAT teen artist and screenwriter for the project, Sky Seawood said, “I learned how to collaborate and problem solve. Because there were a lot of unexpected things that happened and we had to innovate.”

Production Team

Esteban Clark-Braendle
Grand Rapids Public Museum School
12th Grade

Gabby Diaz
C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy
11th Grade

Omarion Johnson
C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy
11th Grade

Bree Mathis
City High School
11th Grade

Damien Robles
Grand Rapids University Prep Academy
12th Grade

Izabelle Rose
Innovation Central High School
10th Grade

Sky Seawood
City High School
11th Grade

Public Sceening + Panel

On June 2, 2022 the students presented their film to the public at Wealthy Theatre followed by a panel discussion with the student production team.

Bree shared, “It’s my first time directing, so [I learned] just how much the director does and how much they have to communicate with the rest of the team … I’m glad I got to do it because it definitely improved my communication skills.”